The Most Common Causes Of Unsightly And Painful Veins In The Legs

25 July 2017
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The appearance of bulging and painful veins on the surface of the leg can be debilitating and embarrassing. The medical term for this condition is varicose veins, and while there weren’t many treatment options years ago, many doctors have a variety of techniques that can be used to eliminate their appearance and the side effects that accompany them. Many who suffer from this condition are confused on what causes these veins to form. The following is a look at the most common causes.


Carrying extra weight can cause the blood vessels in the legs to not operate as intended, which can cause a back up of blood and lead to the formation of varicose veins. While varicose veins treatments can help eliminate their presence in the legs, it is important to lose weight, so new veins do not thrombose and lead to future issues. A healthy diet can also increase circulation which will also play a role in reducing their onset.


Lack Of Exercise

A lack of exercise is one of the leading causes of varicose veins, in particular for individuals who sit for extended periods of time. If the legs are not moved on a regular basis, it will lead to an accumulation of blood in the surface veins in the legs, which will cause the formation of varicose veins. Regular exercise can help alleviate the pain associated with the condition and can contribute to preventing their reoccurrence after a person undergoes varicose veins treatments.

Long Periods Of Standing

Individuals who work in a job where they are required to stand in one place for extended periods of time on a hard surface can also be at risk for the development of the condition. The best way to combat this is to wear proper shoes and keep the legs moving on a regular basis. Some companies even provide mats for their employees to stand on which can provide relief and lessen the chance of varicose veins forming.

Hormone Changes

As women age, their body will undergo a myriad of changes, many of which are hormonal. This imbalance of hormones can lead to serious health issues, including the formation of painful varicose veins. A hormone replacement program can help prevent them, along with a proper diet and an adequate amount of exercise.

Don’t live with painful, bulging veins any longer. Talk to a doctor about the various varicose veins treatments that are available, and how they can help a person get relief. Most are minimally invasive and will only require a person to be out of work for one day. This makes it an easy solution and a quick way to get relief from pain and the visual side effects associated with the condition.

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